Book Review: A Beautiful Lies by Irfan Master



Book Review

Irfan Master’s novel A  Beautiful Lie for me was an emotional read. Tugging at my heart strings at every turn of the page, the novel tells a tale of a young boy who goes far and beyond in order to take care of a delicate dream of a loved one that is unfortunately  and inevitably to be shattered soon. The story is based in part of Indian land and revolves around a Muslim boy and his family. The story of A Beautiful Lie is simply yet beautifully  planned and executed. It should be read for sure if you are interested in getting a glimpse of what it was like to be a part of the biggest partition of  piece of land that the world has ever seen; it is deplorable and haunting consequences that many people part of the subcontinent still re-live today.

“If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes real. Then the lie no longer exists and all you’re left with is your version of the truth.”
― Irfan Master

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A Beautiful Lie by Irfan Master


Book Review: The Lost Pearl By Lara Zuberi


As an ardent reader, I have read countless novels over the passage of time, however, most of them by foreign authors and writers who belong to the West. Only last year, I took it upon myself to read more and more books by authors in the East, especially Pakistani writers.

My quest to read more novels penned by Pakistani authors had led me to order a book titled as ‘The Lost Pearl’.

The Lost pearl is a debut novel of a Pakistani Writer, Lara Zuberi and tells a tale of a Karachi-based, girl named Sana whose life is turned upside down after the untimely demise of her beloved father. The tragedy and its consequent events in her life force her to leave her country and traverse across the globe to California where she struggles to put everything about her past behind, fit in a multi-cultural environment and make a life of her own, on her own. Thus, the story charts her progression from childhood to adulthood.

The writing style employed by the writer is simple yet impactful leaving its readers with a ton of emotions to juggle with. The novel beautifully brings forth the significance of a father figure in one’s life and the gap it would leave otherwise. The dynamics of a family and their relationships with one another are further explored while tugging at the reader’s emotions. Additionally, the novel adopts a backdrop of Pakistani/American history, politics, and their international relations while weaving the history’s impact within the lives of it’s characters. The book also constitutes of an array of powerful messages that it sends to its readers that can be included in their own collection of pearls of wisdom.

Perfect for people who are looking for Pakistani English Literature, The Lost Pearl is an emotional read and one should definitely invest in a copy and give it a try. Additionally, with every copy that is bought of this book, the proceeds go to underprivileged cancer patients in Pakistan as settled by the writer herself.